I will get back to the Rising Sign Soul Purpose posts tonight. For right now I’m being led to do an August energy check in for all signs. Tomorrow we hit August first and there is going to a square between the Sun in Leo at ten degrees and Uranus in Taurus at ten degrees.

On the third we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. So, take a look at where you have fixed signs, especially Leo and Taurus, in your chart. Take a look at where Uranus is transiting as well. Where do you have Aquarius in your chart? These are areas of life where there could be some shaking up going on.

As an example, I have a Leo Rising at ten degrees with Lilith in Leo at thirteen degrees, and Jupiter in Leo at one degree in the first house. So, these are all likely to be affected. I also have Taurus in the tenth house with my Chiron in Taurus in five degrees that will likely be affected. Uranus is currently transiting my tenth house, so this will also be affected.

In my 7th house of partnerships I have an Aquarius stellium with my Sun, Mars, and Mercury. What I want to do with my life is be someone who helps others create a healthier relationship with themselves and those around them. So, I’m hoping I get some clarity in August regarding my way forward.

From what I learned today August skies will be easier on us than July skies were, but also easier than September’s skies will be. So, my best advice to you is to take advantage of the astrology and your transits in August because once September hits it may feel you’re encountering obstacle after obstacle.

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Collective Meditation Message for August 2020:

I am seeing you standing in the eye of a storm, but you’re calm. There is an effortless beating back of everything that tries to come at you. There is lightening, it’s raining heavy, and you’re in full warrior gear, ready for it.

It’s pitch black out, but there is this huge orange ball where the Moon should be. August is bringing you creativity, sexuality, joy, enthusiasm, and a general sense of wellness. I see your personal power and self-esteem becoming strong. There is a newfound confidence growing within you.

August will be a creative month for all who choose it. One of emotional balance, harmony, passion, freedom, increased intuition, and a healthy expression of your emotions. It just feels you are empowered. I would do some work with the sacral chakra and tap into that energy.

It reminds me of the Lions Gate Portal. The peak for this is August 8th and I highly suggest you plan a ritual and tap into the energy. I wrote about it here:

Readings: Feel free to check Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, or any other placement. Depending on what is going on in your life and transits one may resonate more than the others.

Leo Placements:

In love I see your energy and another person’s being blended in the energetic realms. I don’t sense this person is in your life right now. There is a need for you to be patient, act with purpose, and show restraint. You may know who this soulmate is already and be in separation.

There is this invisible thread between the two of you. I sense you act as a light guiding this person home. The higher you vibrate the closer they come. Keep walking a middle path and nurturing your own spiritual wholeness. Remember that separation is illusion.

For many of you this is a telepathic connection and you’re able to pick up on their energy. Right now is a time of healing. Of knowing that in spite of not having this person in your life you are on the right track. There is something about the timing here that is critical you trust. Expect miracles when they are meant to come, and don’t cling to an outcome or emotion.

I sense this person will come in once you’re self-made and on top of your game. Whatever work you do or business you’re building may have to do with matters of the heart. I see you’re going to meet people through this work that are your soul tribe. Kindred spirits abound.

You are a healer, but all you can do is offer people the tools. They have to choose to use them. Keep your healthy boundaries in place. I feel many of you are getting ready to start your own business and become self-made. You have a kind and nurturing heart, and your soul purpose is to love unconditionally.

You are safe following this path if it’s your own business you’re trying to build. The green light is here for you. Remain down-to-earth and nurture yourself through the process. I do see a tower moment coming in August that is going to change your status in some way. It’s going to cultivate material and spiritual abundance for you. Expect a milestone to be reached.

There is the sense of you being unsure which way to go. You are going to need to move forward without having the full picture, Leo. You feel very day dreamy to me in August. Make sure you’re not too head in the clouds because while using your imagination as a tool is great, you have to be able to pull things from your imagination in a practical way to make them happen.

You’ve got Empress energy. Prolific creativity, fertile ground to build on, sensuality, receptiveness, and a unification of your body, mind, and Spirit. You may have to choose between your comfort zone and the unfamiliar. Welcome the unfamiliar into your life because if you do what you’ve always done you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten.


Scorpio Placements:

In matters of love I sense there is the love of an emotionally stable person on the table. This person is extremely intuitive, has emotional intelligence, is full of unconditional love and compassion, and openly expresses their love to you. However, you are not choosing to take this offer at this time.

There may be some element here of self-sabotage, but the timing isn’t right yet for this connection. Like Leo I sense a blending of energies going on still in the energetic realm. There is a need to trust the timing and remain patient, act with purpose, and continue showing restraint.

With work I see you being successful in whatever it is you are doing this month. There may even be some type of promotion or recognition for you. You are manifesting new opportunities. Maybe even training and gaining skills for something new.

Whatever this is I see you at the beginning stages of it. It has a very passionate fire lit up in your belly. This may help increase your confidence in yourself and aid you to tap into your own power. There is intense creativity rising up in you over the month of August. I see you recognizing the mirror-like state of consciousness and that we are all one.

There is a new beginning for you this month. You are going to be moving away from anything that brings you turmoil and seeking emotional stability and peace. Fate is stepping in this month and bringing you some goal or wish that you’ve had on your mind for some time.

I don’t know if this is in work or love, but I see you putting an offer on the table or picking one up. You may feel very emotional in August. I see you becoming incredibly in touch with your emotions, and rather than allowing them to control you, you are learning to feel and heal them.

There is Emperor energy here. Standing in your power and authority in a quiet, but sure way is what is required of you. You are a natural leader and I see you gaining structure this month. Promotion is coming through twice.


Cancer Placements:

Cancer I see you overwhelmed when it comes to love this month. There is a lot of back and forth communication, perhaps with more than one person. Things may seem to moving too fast for you. You are doing the best you can uniting opposing forces, but it seems to keep slipping through your hands.

You have a choice to make in love this month. The old or the new? I honestly feel you’re going to reject them all because you can’t get out of your head about it. There may be fear of abandonment you need to heal within first. Something has to shift and a rebirth is happening within your heart.

When you think about your love life I feel like it gives you a headache. There is conflict. The victories you’ve had in the past have all been hollow. You want justice to be served. You want a life full of love and harmony with a partner who matches your energy, but you’re doing a lot of reassessing this month.

I see you being offered something new in terms of work. It may be something that is synchronistic, as if the universe sent it just for you. Don’t miss the signs by being overly sensitive and afraid to take a risk, Cancer. Sometimes it is the unexpected twists in our life that lead us to the best people and experiences.

If you need to take some time to go within and reflect do so. There is nothing wrong with a little soul searching before taking a risk or starting something new, but don’t withdraw and isolate yourself from fear. Seek your own soul light and the answers will be waiting for you there.

I see great things happening if you take this offer. You will be teaching and learning from others. There is a harmony to be had there. Whoever the people are you will be working with there will be no limit to what you can manifest.

I also sense a need for some deep healing this month. For you to make time to work through your emotions, past hurt, and self-soothe. So, schedule some bubble baths and journaling time. Self-care is not a luxury. It is a necessity.


Pisces Placements:

In love I see you feeling sad this month. It’s like you’re looking back on your current relationship or past relationships and unable to see the lessons from them. All you see is the pain and abandonment you feel. There may be disillusion and disappointment you are sifting through.

There is a need for you to release past trauma. Get deeply rooted in your shadow work and start getting it done. You have become a bit jaded, Pisces. When you have walls up that isn’t the same thing as healthy boundaries, and they have blinded you to something right in front of you.

There is someone in your life or coming into your life who is wise, a thought leader, ready to speak with wisdom and clarity, but you have to be open to hearing what is being said for it to be victorious. There is no fluff with this person. They are matter of fact and honest.

As far as work goes I see that picking up and moving fast. Some type of new beginning where work and career are concerned has you feeling good. This helps you open your heart some, actually. I see you meeting kindred spirits and more members of your soul tribe.

Celebrate this newness. Sometimes you get in your feelings and your forget you have friends and family who care, who have your best interest at heart, and who want to see you succeed. Seek them for support this month if you have to. They want to be there for you.

Whatever this is it has you feeling sparks of passion. I see you taking inspired action and rushing toward it. Listen to your heart and not the naysayers.

There may be a mature masculine energy, doesn’t mean it’s a man, but the energy is very mature and masculine. I see you feeling as if you have to defend your choices to this person. For some reason you hold the opinion of this person in high regard, but you’re holding it too high.

Have the strength to walk away from people who make you question yourself and your choices all the time. Stand your ground this month. Let the chips fall where they may, Pisces. There is definitely victory to be had this month if you want it. Don’t lack the discipline and focus you need and all will be well.


Libra Placements:

Things look very good for you in terms of love. I see you feeling as if the person you are with or someone coming in is a gift from the universe. I see you are both rushing toward something new with reason to celebrate.

Maybe you just got married, purchased your first home together, but come August a milestone is being celebrated for your union. It’s a fated turn of the wheel that has you feeling on top of the world.

Your love life is honestly looking fantastic. You sense this person is your person. That they have your back no matter what. I see you expanding into this union with an open heart and full trust. It’s incredibly lovely, Libra.

As far as work goes there is something you’re not seeing. Maybe you’re stuck between staying where you are or moving on to something new that feels more right for you. Something new has lit a fire in you and you’re feeling passionate about it, but very indecisive.

The advice is to quiet the internal conflict by going within. Consult your intuition, meditate, ask for a sign. I feel like this new path is the one that leads you further toward your spiritual purpose. The problem is you’re afraid of the unknown, and this is keeping you stuck.

You’re worried about losing whatever it is you’ve already built. About your heart being broken and having to pick up the pieces later. Honestly, the advice is trust the unknown. Face your fears because if you allow your fears to control you that is the sad part. That is what later breaks your heart most.

You may have a lot of anxiety over work this month, sleepless nights, but you are meant to leave the old behind. To go within, find that still, quiet voice beneath the loud of the anxiety, and listen to that.


Aries Placements:

In love and work things look great for you. In fact I see you and your partner wanting to build something new together, both putting in equal work, and wanting to build an empire. Going into this you will have a lot of emotional stability and maturity, but there are some warnings about balance.

You’re coming into August with some intense passion, reading to ram headfirst into all your goals, and just get it done. That’s what Aries do, so it isn’t a surprise, but you have to remember to slow down sometimes. To seek inner peace and meditate. Rushing through in the material world without seeking advice from the spiritual leaves cracks in the foundation.

Whoever your partner is, whether they are currently in your life or coming in, they are truly your soulmate. A divine, fated connection that is powerful and mighty. Together you’re a power couple, but first you have to learn the skills and ropes to where you’re going. You can’t decide and then be there.

So, slow down, seek balance, and learn the steps you should take before you take them. You may find yourself overwhelmed as you’re learning, but you’re fairly new to whatever this is, so the nerves and overwhelm are expected. Just remember when you feel that way you to go Iwithin and seek the inner peace that is consistently available to you as needed.

Don’t go breaking your own heart by allowing fear and anxiety to trap you in their web. Thank them for coming to remind you that you have an internal value system you’re doing your best to live up to. Let them know you appreciate they are trying to protect you, but you do not need protection.

I see brilliant moments of clarity for you in August, but you have to seek them within. A lot of truth is coming to the light. Heightened states of consciousness are available, so pay attention to dreams and visions, too.

If you refuse to take time out each day to meditate and seek a higher self vision there will be things you miss. You will be deceiving yourself and setting yourself up to fail. Take some quiet time each day just for you to rest, heal, and recover from all the energy you’re expending this month.


Taurus Placements:

In love you appear to feel more soft and receptive to it. I see you feeling almost nostalgic and wanting to reconnect with someone from the past, or recreate something from the past with a current partner. You’re ready for something to feel fresh and new again.

I do see the deepening of a current connection if you have one. You may have been with this person for a long time or known them since childhood. They are your person and you are theirs. You have each other’s backs always.

I see them as your divine lover. A connection unlike any you’ve ever had. You can laugh with them, grow with them, and just be yourself with them. I see communication between you being very good in August, too.

As far as work you’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Something new in terms of career has you feeling pretty good. I see you being an amazing coworker if you’re working with others. You have a lot of wisdom and love to offer others, and I sense you’re well-liked where you are.

However, you may end up deciding to switch jobs or directions in August because I see a spark rising up in you for something new. It’s as if this spark comes in and alerts you to a rite of passage that subconsciously you always knew was yours. But it brings a bit of anxiety and fear to work through.

It appears the person you’re with will be a great source of comfort to you through this. Yes, go within and seek your inner peace, but a lot of wisdom and clarity will come from communication with your significant other. They have deep love for you in their heart and want to see you succeed.

Make intelligent and wise decisions this month, Taurus. Do not let your heart lead you astray by being in your feelings and not trusting what you know to be true. You have a higher purpose and you sense this.


Aquarius Placements:

In love I see a new offer or the renewing of a current connection for you. If not in romance at least in friendships. There is an opening of your heart and people are wanting to enter within. I sense your heart being open and filled with love you want to share with others this month.

An offer does appear to be coming in that is genuine. This person has emotional stability and is wearing their heart on their sleeve. They are incredibly in touch with their emotions. I also sense they are meant to help you in business or career somehow.

They are very fiery and passionate. This person has an entrepreneurial spirit. As I said, the cards can go either way in regard to this being a romance or friendship. Perhaps a friendship that will later lead to romance.

I see you’ve invested a lot of time into building your work and career. I sense you having to be patient, but waiting in gratitude without a rush to get where you are going. There is this deep wisdom and love in you and it’s connected to the divine. You’re very aware that is what is meant for you isn’t missing you.

Somehow your career and work is related to relationships. The building of harmonious communities that are full of love and compassion. You are still waiting on signs of your harvest, perhaps reassessing your direction, but there is a sign here telling you to keep going, keep pushing forward.

You’re very intuitive and I see in work and career that is lit up for you in August. I see you finding the strength to truly lead with your heart. You’re meant to teach others how to live in a divine state of oneness without losing their individuality, and that’s what I see you doing.

There will be a need to shift your perspective in august in regards to this path. Justice is coming in to pick you up and carry you right to your soul’s path and purpose. Don’t forget to meditate and be your own guru, Aquarius. It will be necessary this month as it always is. Don’t leave cracks in the foundation.

Listen, for some of you there is a divine counterpart you know is meant for you, but stuff is being worked out in the energetic realm right now. The blending of your energies. It’s likely this is telepathic and every time you feel this person’s energy you get nostalgic, but the devil is coming up, so just be careful. They are meant for you, but I don’t feel the timing is right.

If they come back consult your intuition not your emotion. This person may try to smooth talk you, but you may end up with nothing more than a headache and another hollow victory. I’ll leave it at that.


Capricorn Placements:

Love looks a bit rough this month, Cap. I see you needing to go within and pull some strength out to get through some anxiety and sleepless nights. There may be a message coming through that rocks your stability a bit.

Try to remember that rejection is sometimes divine protection. Don’t feel abandoned or left out in the cold if you have to leave someone or they leave you. It’s an opportunity for rebirth. For healing and learning lessons, so you don’t have to keep repeating the same stuff over expecting different results.

For some of you I feel you may work with this person and so it not only affects your home and private life, but your public work life as well. That or you may meet someone new through your work. There is something you’re not seeing where work is concerned. It’s giving you a ton of anxiety and you’re in your head about it.

Clarity is coming in August regarding whatever this issue is. I see you deciding to stand in your power, to speak your truth, and to cut off anyone or anything no longer serving you and your path. I see you embracing your independence and ready to move out on your own to create your own stability.

There are new people coming into your life, so keep your heart open, Cap. Don’t hold on so tight to your wounds and walls. This will keep your wish fulfillment from being able to come in. There is a major shift coming in work and what you want to do going forward.

Pay attention to any dreams and visions you get in August. These are bread crumbs trying to lead you in the right direction. I want to tell you that whether it’s love, career, or both do not stay stuck in your comfort zones.

Now is the time to map your future and trust in the unknown. If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Make sure you focus on healing and balance within. Your relationship with yourself will reflect in every other relationship you have.

If you want reciprocity from your lover, give it to yourself first. Work and pushing through is important, but so is rest and receptivity.


Sagittarius Placements:

Some of you are already in a union, but are feeling bored with it. Others of you know who you are supposed to be with, but the timing isn’t right. There is a need for you to remain grounded and come from a space of unconditional love in August. I see a lot of alchemy happening behind the scenes.

If you need to go within in August. Do some serious soul searching and seeking inner peace. There is a need for you to remain patient and walk in purpose in regards to love, whether coupled or not.

When the time is right both you and your partner will stand in your full power and authority, but until then being together or begging someone you’re already with to change is pointless. The only person you can change is you.

Something is being born in regard to work and career. Some message or offer may come in that fills you up and excites you. I sense this offer will completely change your life, but remember to move forward in a practical way and don’t rush. If stability is what you seek build a strong foundation first.

I see you slightly guarded whether it’s in love or this new shift with your career. Offers are on the table and you’re just avoiding them. They are causing you stress and anxiety. You’re doubting your ability and worth. There is a need for you to go within and reflect on why that is.

To become your own guru in a sense. I see you concerned about your legacy and overwhelmed by which direction you want to go. Find someone you respect and who you know has your best interest at heart and communicate with them. I sense they will give you amazing advice.

Sag, the tools you need are all within you. There is nothing you lack except the effort to go within and use them. Put in that effort in August. Your manifesting abilities are quite high.


Virgo Placements:

I see many of you rushing to end something that you once felt was a dream come true for you. There is a lot reassessment of your relationship in August. Something may happen that breaks your heart and it just snaps you into reality and shifts everything.

These changes are destined and fated. I see many of you more than ready to rush forward to a new beginning and to let the inevitable endings happen. To take the lessons with you, but to leave someone behind.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed with whether to stay or go, but there is information coming in that may rock your stability. Some of you may have the choice between two people rather than the choice to stay or go. If that’s the case go with the one who makes your soul feel at home.

If you’re unsure what to do go within. There is no better time to meditate and seek guidance then when your heart is broken and you need it most. You really had a lot of plans with this person at one time, and having to end it isn’t going to be easy, but you will feel so much lighter and freer.

Where work is concerned I see things moving fast and you being quite busy. There is an idea you have to start your own business that lights you up and fills you with a fiery passion, but you’re afraid to invest in it. Afraid that you won’t make it and you will be financially destitute.

You’re going to get dreams and visions in August about this. Pay attention to them and write down what comes to you. Sometimes it is our heartache that gives birth to the most beautiful new beginnings. You are fearful of taking a leap, but becoming self-made was meant for you. It offers you stability.

I know taking a leap can be scary, but whatever this idea of yours is to build your own legacy it’s legitimate. The only thing standing in your way is you and your over-thinking. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate.


Gemini Placements:

I feel like in love you are choosing something new that is going to light up your life. For a while you’ve been reassessing things with a current or recent past relationship. There is part of you that knows leaving this person behind would shift everything for the better, but you’re feeling anxious over it.

In the end, I do see you choosing to go where there is reciprocity. Where you can learn and build something stable with someone else. This is a new love that opens your heart in ways no one else has ever been able to.

They encourage you step into your higher purpose. To chase your dreams and become self-made and abundant. There is inspiration and motivation with this new person that has always been lacking in the past.

When it comes to work you’re stressed out. Maybe you’re looking for work and unemployed. You have a track record behind you that maybe isn’t the best where work is concerned, and so you are having a difficult time. That or you can’t find something that meets your schedule and availability.

I do see an offer coming in. I think it’s coming through this new person or perhaps you’re going to meet this person through the new job. It’s in meeting this person that everything shifts for you. They give you insight and a perspective you never considered before.

You’re so ready to lay down the burdens of the past. There is a fire lit up in your belly and I see you ready to rush toward a new life in love and career come August. You may even feel overwhelmed at some point with the options that are being made available to you.

Move slow and steady. I know you feel like rushing in, but the best way to build something solid and stable is to plant it seed by seed. Meditate this month because I see brilliant moments of clarity available to you. When you don’t know what else to do meditate, journal, reflect.

You may find out the past person has been speaking to a third party, but I don’t see you all that upset by it honestly. It’s almost like it was expected. I see you ready to just peacefully release it all. To chase after the new and build the harmonious, loving life they promised and failed to deliver with someone new. Kudos to you, Gemini.


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