Astrology April 27 through May 2nd

At the end of this there is a link to a pick a pile tarot reading I’ve done. The theme of the reading is where you can seek more authentic expressions of love in your life. If you’re interested in only the readings feel free to scroll down and click that link.

Astrology for the week:

On the 30th of April the sun will square the moon. This can add stress and irritation where areas related to the moon are concerned. The home, family, close relationships with the women in your life. You may be faced with a challenge and emotional pressures because the head and heart will not be balanced and as in sync as they should be.

The moon reflects our subconscious and how we react instinctively. This means any negative emotions can come up, and if you’re not self-aware they will be expressed via your ego, and can cause problems. Keep this in mind if others are acting out from their ego as well. Blame it on the moon.

We may pick up on each other’s inner tension and vulnerability, perhaps see more of our negative traits than usual. Just remind yourself that nothing is as personal as it feels. The Sun is shining a light on our negative emotions, habits, and our outdated reactions that we aren’t generally conscious of, so we have a chance to reflect and grow.

The Sun is still in Taurus until May 20th. This brings a methodical, sensual, receptive approach to our nature. You will find it most active when you are defending or resisting something. This transit helps your seeds take root, your determination and security needs grow strong.

It will bring a sense of loyalty to all that is familiar, and can make you not want to face what is being shown. The shadow side of Taurus is possessiveness and bullheadedness, so make sure you’re self-aware this week. Taurus values longevity, but what good is it to do anything for the sake of longevity if you know it doesn’t bring about a result that is for the highest good?

When I did the astrology for last week Mercury was in Aries, and it will be until tomorrow when it enters Taurus. It will be in Taurus until May 11th. This can help bring a down to earth thought process and keep you grounded. It helps our common sense to reign supreme over our imagination and fanciful visions. You will communicate more deliberately.

This will again make you preferred the tried and true, so just be sure that the tried you’re defending isn’t missing the true. Try focusing on one thing at a time because it can simplify your life, but don’t push through with a narrow or conservative thought process. Tradition for tradition’s sake is a waste of time.

Venus is in Gemini, and it will cause you to rethink tackling things one at a time. You’ll want a finger in every soup. Your curiosity is likely to be your motivation. Be cautious about having no structure. You’re likely to feel more sociable. While this transit can make you more fun and animated be careful. It can also have you detached on an emotional level and being fickle.

Mars has been in Aquarius since March 30th and will be until May 13th. This can cause your energy levels to be up and down. Achieving any goals during this transit is honestly hit or miss. This adds to the chance of expressions of anger, so be careful not to be impersonal.

It can also help us to be better team members at its best. We can lean toward cooperation rather than relying on personal power. You may find yourself more attracted to what is unconventional, and approach your problems from a more intellectual, detached space.

Previously I discussed the astrology of the entire year. We discussed Jupiter entering Capricorn on December 3, 2019 and it remaining there until December 19, 2020. It’s effects wherever it is are to expand our experiences, understanding, and knowledge. It is a representation of growth, generosity, optimism, and abundance.

Capricorn makes us practical realists. We tend to need visualization of results in order to gather motivation to go after them. You become the doer, who isn’t motivated by the fast, easy schemes out there. You’re less likely to take a risk. You want clear direction, goals, plans, and only value tangible results as success. Keep in mind success comes in many forms; not all tangible.

Jupiter is in a fall in Capricorn, which means it’s not happy there. However, you can attract good fortune when you direct, organize, and act in integrity. You must apply an ethical and mature approach. We need to find discipline and structure and dig in for a need to see concrete results. Remember I told you earlier no to be too conservative. This transit will make you feel more conservative, so keep an open mind.

It’s easy with this transit to lack the risk-taking initiative that can propel you to innovation. Work to remain flexible and tolerant on purpose. To not seek a self-serving approach. The great thing about Jupiter is it doesn’t seek a detached, analytical, or detailed analysis. It wants to give you an overview of the bigger picture. To help you rise above the petty, mundane stuff in life.

Finding out where Jupiter is transiting in your chart can help you learn where to find more joy at this stage of development. Mine is currently in between my second and third house. These areas of my life are getting ready to expand and improve. It’s a stage of learning new tools and development. Capricorn helps give me the determination and ambition.

While Jupiter and Capricorn aren’t typically happy together Jupiter is able to bring more joy and happiness while you work and structure your life. Saturn has left Capricorn until July 1st, which certainly helps matters. It’s currently in Aquarius. This is about maturing and achievement.

This is a good time to turn your eyes toward your hopes, dreams, goals, contributions, structures, social circle, and community involvement. Saturn can be hard on us. It’s demanding of simplicity. It wants things defined. It’s focused on realism and truth. It will test us for our own sake and reveal where we are weak and need strengthening in our lives.

While Saturn is in Aquarius it’s a good time to slim down and critically look at several areas of your life. What are your ideals? Your principals? How can you contribute to the collective? Aquarius is never about the individual alone. It’s about how we function as a whole. With Saturn in Aquarius, we also recognize that as we are more responsible for ourselves, we impact and improve the community or collective.

Uranus is in Taurus from 2018 until 2026. This transit demands a new perspective. It will affect some with extreme highs and others with extreme lows. Prior to 2018 Uranus spent 7 years in Aries. This sign is typically associated with concepts of the masculine. It’s not a surprise that the #MeToo movement came up, or that we began discussing toxic masculinity openly.

Uranus shakes things up wherever it is. Last time it was in Taurus from 1934–1941 was the middle of the Great Depression. Ironically brought on by the crash of wall street in 1929. It was a time of great upheaval. We ended up with social security, and the new deal. It’s a transit of revolution.

That’s all for the astrology this week. See the link below to learn where you can find more authentic love in your life. Keep in mind these readings are all general, so take what resonates and feel free to leave the rest.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd