Astrological Outline September 2020

Adjust Your Sails
11 min readAug 31, 2020


Hello tribe! I want to dive deep into the astrology for the coming month and help you understand what we’re facing. This will affect us on an individual and collective level. Some of the astrology this month will bring a culmination of events to a head in relationships and other areas of your life. By the end of the month we are all face-to-face with reality. No more living in the clouds.

I don’t want to be all doom and gloom, so I am going to be honest with you, while also offering practical solutions and ideas on how to deal with the more difficult parts of this month. September, and possibly October, will be two of the most difficult months in an already incredibly difficult year. I don’t want any of you to despair because we can use this to grow and evolve.

We begin this month with a Full Moon in Pisces. Depending on where you live this will take place on either September first or second. On the fifth of September Mercury will move into Libra. The sixth we have Venus moving into Leo. The ninth Mars goes retrograde (Rx) in Aries.

The 12th Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn. The 17th we have a New Moon in Virgo. The 22nd the Sun moves into Libra. The 27th Mercury moves to Scorpio. The 29th Saturn stations direct. Saturn will also be forming the second of three difficult squares with Mars. So, let’s discuss the details.

If you have any planets in the late degree of a cardinal sign this may affect you more so than others. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. In particular pay attention to the three squares between Mars and Saturn if you have these placements in late degrees.

August was us standing at the precipice, while September is us taking a huge plunge. Mars has already been moving quite slowly. This has felt like an increasing tension and pressure. The Full Moon in Pisces will be quite nice if you tap into it with an intention and purpose. Full Moons are fantastic for releasing. Pisces will likely have us feeling more in our emotions.

There is going to be a push for you to ask yourself what is there to even feel? Things may not feel the best for you emotionally, and you’re being asked to feel your way through those feelings and be honest about why they are there, who or what is causing them, etc. This is about you choosing to change or repair what is making you feel bad on a psychic, emotional level. Mercury is there to help you diagnose the issues and make the adjustments.

The biggest issue is Venus will also be opposing Saturn, which can make this harder. While the Moon wants you to relax, flow, feel your feelings, this opposition may delay or deny a potential relationship with someone you care about or have been with for some time. There is a struggle related to your stability with this aspect. My best advice is to remember your true stability must come from within. External forces can always be removed.

This doesn’t have to be romantic, and it’s likely you’ve already had issues with this person culminating prior. Due to the Full Moon being about releasing you may have to release this person. The house the Full Moon is happening in can tell you a bit more, of course. If you are a Leo Rising like me it will be happening in your 8th house.

I don’t have a partner at the moment, but this house is sort of like your partner’s closet. Not really just a partner, but other people you share things with in general. It can be material, emotional, intimate, psychological, but it’s all stuff we’ve gained from other people.

This is forcing me to look at what the people closest to me have given or have not given. It wants me paying attention to where I’m giving and not giving. To find this place of reciprocity. Someone may pop in out of the blue for me and need my help. This would be something forcing me to be vulnerable and intimate.

This year I have been being forced to open my heart in ways I never have before, and to learn what real shared intimacy is, so it wouldn’t surprise me if I had a test of some sort with this Moon. A releasing of all that isn’t reciprocal.

I would say Scorpio Risings have the more likely potential of a breakup regarding romance or something happening between them and their children if things have already been difficult. Simply because this Full Moon is happening in their fifth house of love, romance, and children. This Full Moon is already full of emotion, and this house is the heart of the matter.

So, if you’re a Scorpio Rising your emotions will be quite intense. Anything you have chosen to try and bury rather than deal with will be exposed. Breakups are likely, as is waking up with a stranger. You will be made aware of what really matters to you, and releasing what doesn’t. If a child has been keeping something from you they may finally come to you for guidance.

Venus will also be square Mars this day. So, my advice is to know what tempers you and do that. This can bring impulsiveness, anger, and other traits that can cause you issues in relationships. Sexual tension can be here, competitiveness, and you may stir stuff up just for the excitement that you later regret. So, be cautionary and remember I warned you of this.

This really is the likely culmination of a bad relationship that needs to be released. Whether it’s romantic, familial, or otherwise will differ person to person. If you’ve been having difficulty with a person you likely knew exactly who I was talking about when you began reading this. Mercury is the key to help you unlock it all going forward in September.

I want to add that this Full Moon will be sextile Uranus and trine the Sun. So, these can soften some of the harsher aspects. The Uranus aspect can bring someone new and stimulating into your life as you’re more open to change. It will make changes in your life easier for you to do.

Where you have been stuck you may suddenly receive a flash of insight that solves a problem. It can help you power through and change old habits. The Sun aspect helps put us a bit more at ease on all levels. It helps us feel more confident, which we need to make changes. We won’t feel like pretending, wearing masks, or keeping up appearances anymore. It gives us this sense of inner peace regardless what is happening around us.

When Mercury moves into Libra on the fifth of September this is important. Mercury will moving quite fast this month. However, it’s actually helpful to us because throughout the month, as we face these difficult aspects, Mercury is giving us a solution to them. Also, once Venus moves into Leo on the sixth we get a break from relationship trouble for a bit.

Venus doesn’t like to be in the sign of Leo much, but it will finally have a break from being hammered with hard aspects. So, when Mars goes Rx into Aries on the ninth, the ingress of Mercury into Libra and Venus into Leo can help. This Rx will bring in a set of new issues or a culmination of whatever started for you at the end of June, however. So the hard times aren’t over by far.

June 27th or around that time think back to what was going on for you. This is why I find journaling so helpful among many reasons. Mars wants you to reflect on and address whatever issues began at that time. These are the issues that will intensify for you. They are looping back around the same way Mars is making a loop in the sky.

This Rx is going to last until Friday, November 13th. Whatever it is you desire will intensify. Be careful because negative feelings and pessimism is going to be easier to succumb to especially for those with late degree cardinal planets. You may feel frustration increasing because you want to put in more effort to solve something, but be blocked. More physical exertion won’t solve it.

There is something within you have to consider. You’re going to feel like there is more to do than can possibly be done, but are you just staying busy to avoid the internal work? You may feel this drive to push, push, push, but you’re being asked to step back and stop exerting so much physical energy. Take a look at where you go to extremes in life, and where that is costing you in others areas of your life.

For example, do you put way too much effort into work and not enough into family and home? That’s the most common example. In my chart this is happening in my ninth house. Due to the aspects to Saturn in my sixth house it’s easy for me to see what they want me to do.

I want to exert myself and study and learn more and more about astrology and spirituality, but right now I need to be focused on creating routine and structure. So, for some time I have not been sleeping right, taking care of my health the way I should, or following any structure at all to my learning. I’ve simply just been absorbing information happily and consistently.

Mars wants me to keep going and keep learning in that ninth house, but Saturn is not allowing it without structure and form. So, I know ahead of time where my focus needs to be, and it’s time to get serious about it. Nothing we try to fix or repair during a Mars Rx is going to be easy, but that extra willpower is there to tap into.

Knowing where these transits are in your chart is incredibly helpful. Another example is to look at the chart of the United States. This is happening between Saturn in the second house and Mars in the fifth. So, the fifth house has to do with children and children around this time are going back to school. Colleges in particular want money for school, which relates to the second house.

I would be careful if you live in an area where schools have gone back to in person learning. It is my guess that these areas are soon to be overrun with cases of Covid. My point in telling you this is to have you look up your own transits and see the areas of life you need to look at. A college in Arizona went back and within a week had over 500 cases.

Here is a calculator for you. I like to go under extended settings and switch the house system to whole signs, as I follow traditional astrology, but feel free to use whatever you’re most comfortable with. Once you know where Mars is and where Saturn is you will know where balance is being asked of you. This can make the astrology far less frustrating.

With Mars being Rx it’s asking you to pause and consider the battles you choose. Of course, some fights are worth having. I’m not a love and light being who pretends darkness doesn’t exist. I’m a being who isn’t afraid to talk about the darkest parts of the world because it isn’t until we face and understand it we can integrate it into the light.

If you want to give pain a purpose you have to heal it. To heal it you have to face it. So, where are you exerting energy into fights that you just don’t need to have? There is a time to fight and a time to walk away. Know which is which and choose your battles with care. I want to mention here that we may see an increase in hurricanes, fires, and natural disasters.

When Jupiter goes direct on the 12th that can bring us some relief. It’s the start of forward movement again in whatever house it is in. For me that is the sixth house, so I’m grateful because I’m going to need the blessings of Jupiter going forward as I learn to structure my life. It will make compromises for us easier in general, too.

This is the last movement for Jupiter in Capricorn, as in December it will change signs and be moving through Aquarius. You aren’t likely to feel this one as intensely as you are the Mars Rx, but pay attention because whatever house it is in things should be slightly easier than before.

We get to the New Moon in Virgo and here is where I want you to plan a ritual that sets intentions to protect, fix, or shield whatever is important to you before we move forward to the upcoming aspects to Mercury and its Rx next month. Mercury rules this New Moon and will be square Jupiter, so you have that protection available.

Also, something that started 2–3 months ago, or something you manifested, could suddenly show up around this time. This would be our half-way point between eclipses. So, be on the lookout for that.

When the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd sigh a breath of relief. We’re in our fourth quarter of the year and it’s almost over. We’re not done yet, though. Mercury will be square Saturn on the 23rd, opposite Mars on the 24th, and be enclosed. It’s also entering it’s pre-shadow phase before it’s Rx.

This is why I suggested you set intentions to protect and shield whatever areas of life Saturn and Mars are hitting right now. For me that will be areas of health, routine, higher learning, and so forth. Just know when Mercury squares Saturn on the 23rd it can open a can of worms, and it’s likely to do so on a national or global level, too.

On the 23rd I advise you to work alone, to spend time alone, and to not have any difficult conversations that require nuance. This transit is about hard mental work and communication will be difficult. Pay attention to your mindset and mental health and practice self-care.

Your mind may feel heavy and you may face weighted decisions. Put off any heart-to-hearts for now. Do not rely on others for now. Their words may not be able to be trusted, and honestly, neither can yours. Holes are likely to be dug if you try to communicate now. Close relationships may seem distant, but let them until this passes. It will pass quite quickly.

For the Mercury opposite Mars transit I second no communication. Just know whether you want it or not someone may come to you with an impending argument. Now is a good time to remember that I told you to pick and choose your battles wisely. Watch how direct you are with others. You may feel overly defensive, so be aware of this and don’t project or take things personal.

Nerves can be on edge. Meditate, take a candlelit bath, or write. Walk alone in nature to soothe any frustrations. Be cautious of tools that can cut you.

On the 29th we finally have Saturn direct in Capricorn again. This is good news because just like Jupiter it’s now headed straight for a change of signs, and will be moving into Aquarius and a new house in December. However, please note that this is the day we see the second square between Saturn and Mars. Saturn will also be just about conjunct with Pluto.

There may be difficulty expressing yourself at the end of the month. Saturn may limit and restrict your passion and desire. Anything you do will require sustained effort. The strong desire will be there for you to express something or create something, but challenges are there preventing it. Have impeccable self-awareness, patience, and perseverance.

My favorite podcast describes the end of September as combustible. We are all going to have a run-in with reality. It’s smacking us back to Earth and bursting our bubbles. Also, globally we may see more trends toward authoritarianism and fascism. Remember not to let that consume you. The universe speaks vibrations, so turn off the news and meditate.

I hope this helps you plan your month accordingly.


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Adjust Your Sails

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