Animal Spirit Messages (Collective)

I felt led to pull three different cards. One or all may speak to you, and if they do not perhaps next time I’ll pick up on your energy. I’m going to discuss each card separately and the deeper meaning behind them. I’ll likely pull a few tarot cards to clarify the situations in which this may be playing out in your life. If it resonates and you’d like a personal reading there is information at the end of this post on how to receive one.

Deer Spirit: Bring a Gentle Touch

I feel as if those meant to see this pile are going through some sort of rebirth. In the past or even present you work too hard to gain the approval and validation of others. Your capacity for calm and grounded communication is heightened at this time, so use it wisely.

If people in your life are aggressive and assertive step back and disengage. Do not spend any time at all in argument or heated debates. Your gentleness is needed right now with yourself and with others. Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself and them is step away.

Sometimes we get so caught up in pleasing others all we have for it at the end of the end of the day is resentment. This gets in the way of gratitude and inner peace. If people aren’t appreciating your efforts stop people pleasing. You will never be able to people please your way to peace.

Your entire external world could be a land of peace and harmony, but if your internal world isn’t you will create the chaos and drama yourself. What is within is all we have to truly offer others, so there are times you think you’re giving your all, but in truth, you don’t have much to give at all.

When you are triggered do not immediately react. Whatever wounds you have around that trigger are not your fault, but healing them is your responsibility. Now isn’t the time to let others pull your strings as if they are your puppet master. Step back and take a more detached, impersonal position.

If you don’t recognize the danger of burnout you will find yourself overcome with emotion and explode on those around you. Do not project your choices onto them. Even choosing to bend over backwards for them was your choice. There is a deep period of rest needed, self-care, and healing. Take that time.

Skunk Spirit: Know Your Worth

There is stability on your mind and I have a feeling it has to do with with home and work honestly. Now is the time to take a pause, consider what you actually value, and whether or not your most authentic self is the one you’ve been having on display.

There is a need for you to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will know or acknowledge your worth. That doesn’t negate your worth and it doesn’t matter unless you decide it does. Now is a time to get brutally honest with yourself about what stability means for you and who you want along for the ride. Who builds with you matters as much as what you build.

Your soul purpose has been calling you to switch positions at work, or maybe to start your own business. I sense a huge rebirth happening for you in this area more than any other. I also sense sleepless nights, anxiety, and fears surrounding this change. You’re getting caught up in self-doubt, and the universe is telling you there is no reason for that.

No one is asking you to be rash and impulsive. The risks you take can be considered and calculated before you take them, but deep down you know you’re meant to take this one already. It awakens passion and fire in your belly when you think about it. You’re afraid you lack necessary experience.

Do not let these limiting beliefs hold you back. Your explosive creativity and enthusiasm are infectious. Give yourself permission, just this once, to chase after your dreams. Don’t let what other people say or think cause inner conflict. Listen to your own inner voice.

This is an opportunity to collaborate and maybe that’s the problem. Maybe you’re worried the other people involved won’t pull their weight, or are concerned there will be conflict. First, you can’t avoid conflict. I know many of us try, but it’s just unavoidable. So don’t let potential conflict and challenges prevent you from moving forward. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Your ideas are worthy of contribution to this endeavor. I see great cooperation happening. There is a lot of teaching learning involved in this for you and whoever else comes along. There is no limit to what you and your people can manifest if you choose to empower your thoughts rather than dis-empower them. Take a leap. What are you waiting for?

If you’re wondering how it will all work out in the end don’t be. I see celebration, prosperity, important events and milestones celebrated, kindred spirits all around you. I see a very happy destined partnership overall. If you’re not already in one I see you meeting them through this shift.

Elephant Spirit: Learn from the Past

I feel you’re a very fly by the seat of your pants type. You do not like to plan or organize much. There is something about this that you must learn from when you consider the past and times you’ve failed to plan or organize before rushing forward into things.

We cannot create the future and legacy we want by acting as if we can leave the past behind without dealing with it first. Your memory matters. What has come before is what informs you of how to react and move in the now. So acknowledge the past and learn from it, so in the present you’re not repeating toxic of negative patterns of thought and behavior.

If you don’t like the traditions and history that shaped you don’t avoid them. Simply create new ones. I’m never one who will tell you to follow tradition for the sake of tradition. I believe doing something you don’t enjoy over and over simply because it has always been done is a bit silly.

You have a lack of self-discipline and the tendency to speed past the needs of others. Yet, there is a drive deep in you to overcome and succeed. The universe is asking you to harness and unite that duality within you. Build willpower, confidence, and self-control like muscles; slowly and surely.

In the past you may have displayed arrogance and gossip to make yourself feel better, but when we’re honest those things only offer short-term validation and long-term shame. Become a student and channel all of that energy into learning how to be disciplined and confident in yourself.

This is especially true for you in relationships. You like to rush in and do everything to impress them, only to have it end in giving up. Much of this is because you’re afraid to be your authentic self, and when we aren’t authentic those who love us tend to notice and pick up on that.

It’s why over time people say their partner became a stranger. No, they just become more themselves for better or worse. You tend to give up too soon. Understand you must till the ground, plant the seeds, water them, pull the weeds, and maintain your garden to reap a harvest. Time for some gratitude and patience. Stop chasing luxury and status. It’s so empty to live there.

You are someone meant to have incredible wealth and legacy to leave behind, but it takes a plan and it takes patience and discipline. Don’t get stuck in shame or the past. Simply choose to lessons that live there. Plan your future and take small, attainable goals on. Celebrate even small progress as success.

When you find yourself in indecision and fear take a time out. Slow down, read a book, watch a funny video, take a long hot bath. Practice some self-care and the answers will come to you. Sometimes you need to move forward without knowing the full picture, and this does make planning difficult.

However, plan one day at a time. What can you do today to be one step closer to the ideal you have in your head? Give yourself permission right now to forget working yourself to exhaustion thinking at some point it will become enough. Slow down, step away from reality, and relax.

If you don’t heal from the past the future will never be what you imagine.

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