A Week of Right on Time: May 15th~21st

Adjust Your Sails
8 min readMay 14


The world at large is likely to erupt soon. You won’t be able to control any of it, so I don’t advise paying any more attention than you have to. There is a level of informed that we should all be, but what your limit is must be self-regulated. I hope this message is right on time for you.

There was a time I was overly invested in the big picture, trying to change things on the political scene. All it ever did was increase my anxiety and stress. I don’t feel it made much of a difference. It took away what little energy I had to invest. Away from family, friends, building resources, other areas where it would have been better served.

And that’s what the coming energy is about. Don’t worry about past versions of you. Live in the present. Don’t worry about the future. Do something in the present to create a different future for yourself. Allow slow and steady to be good enough. Your brain will tell you it isn’t.

It’s never other people we have to convince. ❤

I am 44 and just now learning how to drive. I didn’t form a healthy, romantic relationship until I was in my forties. It’s okay that my journey looks different. We started from different spaces. There is this level of healthy pride I have in myself that you cannot steal from me.

My process has been my preparation. See, we don’t pay enough attention to the details of the journey. We say we are working hard, putting in the effort, doing the most for the people we love, but are we really? Are we a safe space for them to be vulnerable? Do we ground ourselves, to ensure they aren’t walking on eggshells for our shadow’s benefit?

This week the energy is very much about embracing the simple things in life. About finding joy and pleasure where you can, regardless of the state of the world. It’s joy, love, connection that get us through the tough times. So that’s where your focus needs to be this week.

We enter the week in a waning Moon phase. This week is good for letting go. Setting down the heaviness of would have, should have, I could have. You did the best you could according to the level of healing you’d experienced. That’s always going to be good enough. Each level is you knowing better, integrating, and then doing better.

Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd