I had a vision that I am going to share first, and then a channeled message came through, and I was led afterward to do a short reading. If this is for you may you receive it in love and gratitude for the epiphany, and release the fear of owning your story and taking up space.

If this isn’t for you maybe the next one will be. Either way I wish you well on your journey. I hope you’re taking consistent steps toward your highest good.

The Vision:

I’m getting the image of a beautiful sunset on a farm of some sort. It’s Autumn and the leaves are so vibrant and pretty. I feel children running around at play in the vision, but in real life I feel like something is about to happen. I get a slight sense of dread. I see a curved, wooden bridge children play on. I don’t know if it’s a real wooden bridge or a toy one. I think it’s real; darker wood.

I’m shown some type of straw utensil or decor of some sort on the porch of the house. I feel like the handle is blue. There are two small children playing games on not far from it. The grandmother comes out and is impatient, wanting them to come and eat.

She’s wearing an old fashioned waist apron. It has petaled edges and is white. The edges are made to look like flowers with small holes punched out. I can’t make out her face or the rest of what she is wearing. The apron stands out.

Their parents had abandoned them with their grandmother, and that’s where the sense of sadness comes from. My concern is with the grandmother’s impatience. Surely it may be a better environment than where their toxic parents have gone, but it’s where one of their parents learned it.

I think we should end the shame of that, and help people learn their triggers and the blueprint of their souls. Shaming people who are already acting out for love and acceptance only encourages more acting out. It will never be what heals them, no matter how good it feels to you in that moment. Neither will complete acceptance without healthy boundaries.

What I am taking from this vision is that we are to be like children. Even when life is sad we have to seek the joy in it. We must be able to understand that when people leave us it isn’t personal. When they hurt us in any way it’s because of unhealed pain within them.

Another message I learned is trust. The sense of dread made me want to stop meditating. I was told to keep going and trust, and I did. The outcome was a beautiful, graceful lesson, and the dread was fear and ego trying to convince me to stop following my path and trusting what I have been shown.

Whenever you feel abandoned or left out in the cold you’re viewing life from a perceptive of fear. That vibration is what you’re attracting to yourself, and the answer to why you always attract the same type of partner and friends. You can’t lose yourself. You are love. You are the universe experiencing itself.

You don’t anyone’s permission to be worthy of anything. Just believe you are and it will be attracted to your life. You cannot law of attraction your way into a new and better life. You can’t skip the healing. You can skip the practical. There is a balance to strike using both love and logic.

Only owning your story will truly and fully humble you, ground you, and be a solid foundation to build from. You don’t need someone else’s empathy, but that will come, too. The right people will not miss you. If you’re chasing it you’re doing it wrong, my friend. What is meant for you is easy.

Channeled Message for someone:

It is time to become a study of self and stop avoiding it by studying others. All the answers you need are inside of you, in conversations with your highest self. I began using my head and intellect to search for the meaning and answers to life. My head had to have the data and the logic to believe and accept anything long-term.

My fear and ego would have me over-sharing my journey in ways that weren’t respectful or coming from an authentic space. I had almost no emotional control. What I understand now about my purpose is that it was going to involve me owning all of my story completely and surfing the waves of shame that is going to cause. I’m working on that now.

I was so great at using my head, but my heart was begging to stay closed. As much as I longed for love and acceptance I wouldn’t allow it in. This attracted partners with those same vibrations and issues. It caused repeated cycles and brought shame.

From generation to generation the shame is tossed down like a hot potato, and the new generation is blamed for the failures of the last one. Choose to bury it. Let it end with you. Own it for everyone once and for all. Nothing is as personal as it feels. Seek to see it all as an impersonal lesson and grow.

Start studying the heart, emotions, feelings, love, and gather the data you need for your head to feel comfortable, and then start practicing what you’ve learned and applying it to your life. See how it feels foreign at first and watch yourself fall and get back up several times. That’s okay, you’re a fledgling and just learning to find your feet. You never fall from anyone’s grace but your own, and that’s just the truth of it all.

The heart is something you can ride like a wave. Emotions will come and go and that is why is they are associated with water. Be brave and tackle the high waves with courage and determination. If you wipe out from time-to-time that’s okay. Maybe see how you can navigate that particular wave better next time. A failure doesn’t erase all your progress or make you unworthy. We all fail and the road to success is littered with it.

You have more power than you recognize because we are so used to giving our power away. The shame feels thick and hot and we get angry. We just want to get rid of it immediately. You are not that feeling or the resulting thoughts it brings. You are the awareness that the feeling exists.

In that moment, it feels like all eyes are on you, and the ball is so hot, and you don’t know who to throw it to because these are people you love and care about, but someone has to catch it, right? You don’t consciously do this, but you can become conscious of it and choose a different reaction.

The next time that happens to you pause and reflect on reading this post today. Be self-aware and conscious of how you feel. Consider whether or not the person who made you feel that way intended to. Consider what you know or may not know about the trauma and abuse that lives inside of them unhealed. Remind yourself that pain isn’t personal, and you don’t have to project it. You can see it for what it is and bury it properly.

Then, if necessary, tell people who insist on not growing that you love them, but for now you’re going to have to do that from a distance. It’s time to complete your healing. The world needs something only you can offer. We are all one part of the puzzle, and we need each other to complete the whole.

The truth is when you consciously resist instant gratification and the need to respond you keep your power. He who angers you hasn’t conquered you until you respond in kind. It really is the bigger, wiser, more understanding person who walks away, and does so not holding a grudge. That’s true power and no one can take that from you.


You are at a crossroads with the two of earth. Trying to strike a balance between work and play and wishing for more harmony in your life. It’s likely you’ve stuffed your inner child and the wounds in a closet, and never let this child out to play and heal.

That inner child must be heard and healed and you’re the only one with any power to do that. It’s in letting your inner child out and accepting this child as worthy yourself that you ever attract the life and people you’re actually worthy of. Be led by Spirit and Source with this King of Fire here. What are you really and truly passionate about? Figure it out.

When tension arises with the five of air at play it’s a time for you to not react. Instead, take a bit of time to go within and seek a spiritual response from you’re the highest version of who you are. When stuck a crossroads with the seven of earth it’s reminding you to rely on your own strength and abilities to handle whatever comes.

Invest in yourself and the highest good of all. There is no other path that you’re meant to walk. You’re someone meant to blaze your own trail.

Spirit is giving you the nine of earth as the final advice and guidance. It is time to be self-disciplined about your emotions and balancing the material and spiritual worlds within. To trust reliable resources and not take unreliable ones personal. Self-control is the final stone you have to lay for a solid foundation.

The number you need to know is nine. The number of divine completions. Something has shifted for you, but you’re so used to the weight that you’re afraid to really let it go. You have self-sabotaged long enough. You already know the answers you seek, and you already know where they lie when you need to be reminded of them. Release.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd