Let’s start by discussing how this year is a foundation year. While 2019 was a three year, helping us focus on our relationships, creativity and self-expression, this year it’s time for us to get serious. Four is all about the foundations.

If you didn’t use 2019 to your advantage it’s not too late. The idea is to find ways to creatively express yourself and to become picky with your soul tribe. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better version of who you are. Set boundaries where necessary.

Generally, what we experience on a smaller scale is also happening on the larger scale. This is where the movement under Bernie Sanders comes in. Last year was about emanating joy, optimism, social engagement, and communication. It was about finding a sense of purpose and power. Bernie Sanders isn’t a God.

His purpose is an organizer in chief. He worked hard building this foundation for the past 30+ years. It must be great for him to no longer feel isolated and alone. His entire life and everything he’s been through has led him to this point in time. It’s not about us worshiping him.

It’s about us understanding that his role and destiny on the larger scale is to usher in change and evolution. Imagine how alone he must have felt for so long, but he continued on his path, and trusted it would lead him to where he was supposed to be. Now allow yourself to be led.

At my local Bernie meeting the other night we talked about this. The sense of power and purpose involved with being part of a larger movement for the greater good cannot be described. You should work to build this in your personal relationships, too. If it doesn’t feel good let it go.

Bernie isn’t special or unique in having a part in this evolution either. You have something to offer and contribute. We all do. It’s time to truly step into your power and offer your soul to the cause.

Last year was about figuring out your truth and speaking it. About uplifting and inspiring others. If you don’t know what your own truth is that’s hard to do. You should make it your life mission to understand who you are and what you’re here to do. I don’t think it’s an accident my favorite number is 7.

Practice impeccable communication. Lighten up so you can see new possibilities that you may have been blind to before. Learn something new every day. Challenge yourself to learn better, do better, and be better. Choose to be around people who see the best in you and inspire you to be that.

It’s no accident that 2020 is an election year in the United States. This year will be defined by hard work, determination, and making plans. If you lack structure and routine this year will be much harder for you than most. It’s about laying the groundwork for our future selves and creating a better world.

Organization is going to be important this year. Find a system that works for you and work smarter rather than harder. Four is a business minded number, and demands you have a plan and execute it. This is true for you personally and on the global scale. Meditate and tap into your intuition daily.

We may see new organizations continue to rise, more people fighting for social justice than ever before, a larger focus on climate change, and an increase in safety and security issues. We are being asked to create solid solutions to our personal and planetary problems. What we choose to do this year is setting the stage for the next decade. We reap what we sow.

The energy of the year is serious and disciplined. There won’t be a lot of wild, high energy stuff going on. It’s a steady energy with a consistent flow, and it may feel super dull at times. Work isn’t always fun, but if we expect reward we have to put in the effort to achieve it. Hard work will pay off in the long-term.

Let go of the need for instant gratification and remind yourself that even though you can’t see the long-term your efforts in tending to the garden will lead to a great harvest. Change doesn’t happen overnight. We have to practice dedication, consistency, and trust in the universe. Which is essentially trusting ourselves, since we are the universe experiencing itself.

Last year was all about visualization of your goals. Whether this is on a personal scale with weight loss, career, family, or on a global scale visualizing universal healthcare for all, saving the planet, and a living wage. We visualized it and now it’s time to create a tangible plan to make it reality.

Change won’t come easy on either scale. You have to get your hands dirty and get involved with the process. It’s a great year to learn a new skill, plan for retirement, start a new savings account, or get involved in the political process where and when you can. Make the plan and then stick to it. If you fall off track seven times get back on track eight. Every effort counts.

In order to get a more personalized version of how this year is going to affect you I would learn your personal year as well. This foundation we are building is going to be different for us all. Some of us may be far more bored this year than others because all work and no play is never fun, but sometimes it is necessary for future fun and the highest good.

For example, my personal year for 2020 is a one. This means my nine year cycle is starting over on a foundation year. I will be full of loving energy and be communicating a lot. Old issues will be on clean plates. Unions for me will be strengthened or end all at once.

It’s a year of true balance, where I will assess my strengths and weaknesses of love relationships even more than in 2019. This is because I am hyper-focused on foundations. If a relationship doesn’t have a strong foundation it isn’t going to end well. Knowing this will help me make hard decisions and process grief and loss quite well.

I am basically facing a double foundation year. Part of me is upset about this because I feel like I’ve already put in so much work, but I also feel my destiny is huge. In order to get there I have to be ready for it. This is the training ground and I’m taking in all the lessons. It’s time to be organized, creative, and consistent in all areas of my life. If Bernie can put in 30 years surely I can keep going now? Surely you can, too?

Do you want to know what your personal year is? All you have to do is add the month of your birth, the day of your birth, and the current year. For example, my birthday is February 13th. So, I add 02+13+2020 and that equals 10. Break it down further by adding 1+0=1. This means I’m entering a number four universal year and a number one personal year at the same time.

Knowing what the universe expects of you in a given year can help you so much. Rather than guessing and being all over the place, it can help give you focus. We all want to build solid relationships, careers, families, and governments. In order to do that we have to do the work.

There is no easy way out and if you sit it out you have no one else to blame; no matter how much you project. Depending on your personal year this can help you know where to build your foundation. For example, a personal year seven would be about building a foundation that is spiritual and intuitive.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd