A Choice to Make(Tarot Reading)

Collective Message:

I don’t know who this message is for. Tonight out of nowhere I just felt suddenly sad. I have tried to shake it, but I don’t feel like the sadness is my own. It’s almost a hopeless feeling, and I haven’t felt hopeless in a long time, so I decided to sit down and meditate and do a reading.

The number 1227 came up. Maybe you’re having trouble believing in yourself or your own intuition and capabilities. The universe wants you to pause, meditate, journal, do whatever you need to get in touch with your higher self and listen. Those inner-promptings are breadcrumbs you follow that end up leading you down your soul path. Trust it.

This message is meant to give you faith, trust, and belief in yourself. You’re not going to find the answers through other people or external outlets right now. That’s all white noise. You’re going to believe what you tell yourself, so right now it’s extremely important to watch your self-talk. Have the courage to step forward on your life path with confidence and grace.

I know that things are crazy in the world right now. It may seem like your manifestations of peace, happiness, and joy are taking a long time to arrive, but you are here to make a positive difference in the world. If we aren’t emotionally, spiritually, and physically ready we get in our own way sometimes. Maybe you just need to make a small step.

It’s okay to feel sad. Sit with that a while, notice how it affects your body, and then remind yourself you are not your sadness alone. You are every emotion, every feeling, every experience. You’re the awareness that lives above them all. Release the sadness and do your best to change your perspective.

Every person on Earth has the choice to follow their soul’s blueprint or to avoid it. Please follow yours. Don’t allow temporary emotions, states of mind, earthly drama to pull you off track too long. So much of what we worry ourselves over we either can’t do anything about, or it has little to do with our long-term purpose and plan.

I encourage you to take some time to write down what you value. Your internal, personal values, and what you value from others. Remind yourself we don’t always live up to our values, and that’s okay. Shame is nothing more than a reminder that we have them. So, the choice isn’t to hang your head in shame or project it onto others. It’s to start living them now.

You feel very alone, but you’re not. While you have that pen and paper out write down the names of the family and friends you know for sure have your back. Even if you don’t speak often, but you know they would have your back during a time of need write them down. Then give them a text or call. At worst it will be a pleasant distraction.

All is not lost. Emotions are temporary states of being that flux. Try to go with the flow and ride them like waves. Talk to and validate the feelings you feel right now. Let them know you appreciate them and their attempt to protect you. Then let them know you’re not in need of protection.

Please hold on another moment, another day, another week, month, and year. This is your sign that you do have a purpose. That right now it may seem bleak, but sometimes it’s darkest right before the dawn. Don’t give up now.

You are never ever alone.


There is some type of commitment it’s time for you to walk away from. This is where the frustration, sadness, and hopelessness is coming from. I don’t know if it’s a job, a person, a home, but it’s something you care deeply about. You feel extremely attached and devastated that it has come to this. You have tried hard to make this work and it’s not your fault that it hasn’t.

I feel there is a choice you have to make now between a new life and an old one, and intuitively you know which way to go. Whoever this is for you haven’t made the choice yet, but it is definitely on your mind. I feel you’re having a difficult time separating reality from fictional fears. There is mental confusion, anxiety, and deep hopelessness that arises.

I offer you the same advice I spoke of in the collective message. Talk to those feelings, validate them, thank them for coming in to protect you, but let them know they have over-stayed their welcome. You do not need their protection because you and your higher self got this. Everything is going to be okay.

Communicate what you are grateful for. Make a list of everything in your life, large or small, that you are thankful for. Gratitude lifts your vibration and you need it the most when you’re feeling it the least. Take your healing into your own hands. The wounds may not be your fault, but healing them is your responsibility. Things are about to unravel quite fast.

There is one choice in particular that I feel brings you peaks of joy when you consider it. There is something about this choice that you intuitively know would be a better option for you, and possibly lead you to find more of your soul tribe. But you don’t let that feeling last too long. You stay busy, avoiding this decision, and trying not to think about it.

Stop being so guarded. No action you take is going to make this decision go away. It’s time to take a break. To get honest and real with yourself about what you want and deserve, and why you’re sabotaging yourself. There is a huge need for you to let go of old stories that no longer serve you.

Nothing that has ever happened to you is as personal as if feels. I wrote a thread on forgiveness that you may benefit from. Find it here:

So many cards about you having to make a choice and being at a fork in the road. This one is telling you that you must take responsibility for the choice, and you don’t have to be so afraid of it. You do not have to have all the answers or know how it ends to move forward. Trust your intuition. Trust the signs you are getting. I see a lot of 3’s. 33, 333, etc.

This choice has overwhelmed you long enough. Your affirmation is “Happiness is my birthright”. Repeat that over and over until it sinks in and then make the choice that will make YOU most happy. It’s likely you’ve spent most of your life worried about everyone else’s happiness, but Spirit is saying it’s not time for that. This is about you and your joy.

Whether this choice involves a career move or a relationship move I see you worried about financial loss, but if you’re honest wherever you are not there is no reciprocity. You give far more than you take. This other offer promises to be better than that because it is. It offers great potential for success.

Time to release the self-doubt. To own your worth and stand in your power. Let this reading be your spiritual awakening. One choice leaves you with clear and assured disharmony and clashing of wills. The other promises to bring you the justice you deserve. Time to be accountable to your soul and your happiness for once.

Stop resisting the inevitable. You know staying where you are is nothing more than a hollow victory that will only bring shot-term relief. Let this painful ending happen because the new beginning makes up for it in spades. Spend some time every day building your skills and confidence. It’s a practice and you build them slowly like muscles, but build them.

Detach and pretend you’re someone else listening to your story. Write it all down and then go back over it as an outsider. On one hand you can stay where you are and remain in the darkness and trenches. On the other there is the promise of warmth, joy, and abundance. The choice suddenly becomes easy.

Staying where you are only assures you will not live up to your full potential. It is in taking the risk that you are standing in your power. For many of you this is definitely about a relationship. Someone has offered you new love, but there is an old one that manipulates you and gaslights you into staying. They don’t actually love you. They are attached to your energy.

For others of you this is about work. You’re terrified to leave behind what you know brings in the money, but this lack mindset and hoarding doesn’t do you any service. There is potential for far more abundance on the other side than what you have where you are. Leap and the universe will catch you.

I know you might not feel like it, but you’re ready for anything right now. You know what you need to do if you’re honest. You have nothing to prove to anyone demanding you prove something. It’s time to get comfortable in your own skin and stop handing your power over to other people.

Time to clean it up, friend. Take a look at your side of the street and admit your faults, but don’t allow your faults to have you stuck in shame, and making excuses for someone else’s. There mess is their own to clean up, and as has been shown to you over and over no matter how hard you try you cannot clean it up for them. Be practical right now.

Don’t force any outcomes. Just let things flow and follow your intuition. It is past time to be loyal to your own heart. Every time you allow a situation or person to crush your spirit you’re being disloyal to yourself. And for what? The hollow victory of having them at your side? Is it as comfortable as you think?

You are very confused about your personal growth and which direction to go. You have felt disconnected from your heart’s true desire for a while now. The answers won’t be found in anyone else or in any external sources. This is your test to prove you trust yourself and the universe, to seek answers within.

I do sense a breakthrough for you. A releasing of the old stories that have kept you stuck. Have you been at this job or with this person for many years? Well, they’re already wasted. Why would you waste more? Even then, I don’t consider them wasted because everything has a lesson worth learning in it.

I see you eventually standing up for what you know you need and making the right choice. It won’t be easy, but you’re going to stand up for yourself and what you deserve. You’re going to defend your own honor and choices.

Any external or internal deception going on is being exposed soon. Right now you’re limiting your beliefs and potential. Angel number 1227 came up for a reason. You’re in confusion and your thinking is distorted. Time to release the old, toxic thought patterns that force you into repeated, painful cycles.

Let go. Release what you know is not serving you. Time to leave an old reality and pursue a new one. Just make the choice. Either choice would be better than this stuck energy space you’re in, but the one to pursue the new is the only one that brings you abundance, nurturing, warmth, and true stability.

The choice is yours. Make it.


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